Progressive Method

Learn how to play the main Brazilian grooves and styles (choro, baião, samba, bossa, frevo, partido-alto, marcha-rancho) with this practical and complete method. In this book you will discover innovative techniques with a gradual learning path: there are 15 songs with different levels of development, 78 exercises, several groove patterns for comping. The book contains 136 pages.

Grooves, music, solo piano and comping

Interactive methodology: Book + Videos + Audios

Purchase the book, download the videos and audios that integrates the study. Watch the videos, use the audio bases to study the songs and practice the groove exercises and patterns.

Demo Videos

Frevo O Sol de Olinda
Desenhos rítmicos de baião

Piano solo and comping

Learn how to play solo piano and how to comp other instruments. The repertoire presented offers both solo piano and piano comping versions.

Sample Pages

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